Skaha 18"

Skaha 18" - Plant Stands - By plantwares™
Skaha 18" - Plant Stands - By plantwares™
Skaha 18" - Plant Stands - By plantwares™
Skaha 18" - Plant Stands - By plantwares™
Product image 1Skaha 18" - Plant Stands - By plantwares™
Product image 2Skaha 18" - Plant Stands - By plantwares™
Product image 3Skaha 18" - Plant Stands - By plantwares™
Product image 4Skaha 18" - Plant Stands - By plantwares™

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Place your favorite plant on a pedestal with our Skaha plant stand. The Skaha's sleek silhouette and the minimal footprint is designed to complement your décor and not clutter it.  


Made of powder-coated steel, the Skaha is both a sturdy and striking standing floor planter. Its geometric form and triangular base transform those empty corners and dull entrance ways, giving new life to your space. The sophisticated ceramic pot nests inside the Skaha’s ring and perfectly fits an 8" growers pot.

Product Specs

The Metal Stand
Material – Steel
Finish – Powder coated (Available in Matte Black and Semi-Gloss White)
Height – 18"
Ring size – 8” 
Hand Built 

The Pot
Material  –  Ceramic (Waterproof + Watertight) 
Finish –  Matte White or Matte Black 
Height – 7 ½”
Width –  8”
Weight – 3 lbs
No drainage hole

Suggested Plant Pairings

Low/Medium Light: ZZ plant, Peace Lily, Neon Pothos, Philodendron
Bright Light: Monstera, Alocasia or African Mask, Boston Fern, African Spear Plant


How do you water your plant? 
It's easy. We always keep our plant friends in a grower's or nursery pot (that plastic pot your plant came in when you brought it home from the shop). When it comes time to water our botanical buddies, we just slip the plastic liner out of the pot and head to the sink, bathtub, or outside stoop. We then give the plant a good drink without worrying about overwatering and/or getting the floor/carpet/window sill all wet. Another benefit to having your plant “potted” in a plastic pot is that it will also keep your "real" plant pot nice. Win-win, in our books.

Is the Skaha suitable for outdoor use? 
Yes. The piece has been professionally powder coated producing a strong, smooth and long-lasting finish. That being said, any item's appearance can expect to be diminished if exposed to the elements. 

Will my current pot fit the Skaha? 
Pots with bases less than 8” and openings greater than 8" will fit the Skaha.



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