Care & Assembly

Hairpin Legs

What size screws do I need? 

Our mounting plate is pre-drilled for ¼” screws. Screw length will be determined by the thickness of your tabletop.  Select the longest screw you can that will not puncture the table top. For example, your table top is 1" thick, we would recommend 3/4" screw length. For more advice, we recommend consulting your local hardwood store.

How do I mount my hairpin legs? 

1) Turn your tabletop upside down on a scratch-free surface. 
2) Position one leg at a time in the corners of the tabletop, approximately 1 ½” - 2 ½” in from the edges.
3) Drill a pilot hole to avoid wood splitting and then temporarily attach the leg with 2 screws.
4) Repeat the process with the remaining legs.
5) Flip the table over and assess your work. Finish attaching your legs with the remaining screws.

Will my hairpin legs rust? 

Raw steel will rust if left untreated. You have many options for finishing your raw steel hairpin legs (see below).

How do I finish my raw steel hairpin legs? 

Before boxing your legs up, we applied a light amount of oil to prevent oxidization during transport. Remove all residual oil using rubbing alcohol, paint thinner, etc. If some surface rust has appeared, you can remove it by rubbing the legs gently with steel wool or 220 grit sandpaper. If you wish to keep the industrial look of the steel, we suggest clear coating your legs either using a transparent spray paint like Rust-Oleum Clear Coat, beeswax or linseed oil. You can paint the legs to create a pop of color or metallic (copper, gold, brass) finish.  We recommend Rust-Oleum Universal or any other 2-in 1 paint primer intended for metal.

How do I get the “brushed” steel leg look? 

You can use a Scotch Brite or sandpaper and gently rub the legs gently to obtain the “brushed” effect. Please note you will still need to protect the legs either with paint, beeswax or linseed oil as raw steel will rust over time.

What kind of projects is suitable for hairpin legs? 

Most of our customers use our legs to create custom coffee tables, end tables, benches, nightstands, dining tables, desks, and entryway/foyer tables. Some have used our legs to support beds and couches (the shorter legs are remarkably strong!). The sky is the limit suggests this post on Homedit and a quick trip on Pinterest can provide you more inspiration.

How do I select the right hairpin leg length for my project?

In determining the right length of hairpin legs, you want to first consider how high you want the top surface of your piece to be overall and then deduct the thickness of the material you will be mounting the legs too. For example, you want your dining room table to stand at 30” high and your wooden table top is 2” thick, we recommend 28” hairpin legs.

Below is a list of standard hairpin lengths for common DIY hairpin projects.

4” - Low Cabinet
6” - Platform Bed
8” - Raised Sofa 
10” - Raised Sideboards, Media Stands, Record Cabinets
12-18” - Coffee Table (your coffee table should be lower than 2” from the seat of your couch)
16” - Bench, Stool
20” - End Table, Side Table to complement standard coffee table
25” - Nightstand 
28” - Dining Table, Desk (there should be 12” between your sitting surface and the top of the table).
28 - 30” -  Entryway, Foyer Table, Console Table, Sofa Table (your table should be level with the back of the sofa or 1” below it).

How much weight can hairpin legs support?

The amount of weight hairpin legs can support depend on the height and the type (2-Rod, 3-Rod, or Heavy Duty). Generally speaking: shorter legs can hold more weight than taller legs and 3-Rod and Heavy Duty legs are stronger than 2-Rod hairpins. Below are some general guidelines for common hairpin leg lengths.

Leg Height

Type of Leg

Max Weight


Standard Height for Benches, Coffee Tables



Heavy Duty

Heavy Duty 3-Rod

300 lbs

550 lbs +

550 lbs

550 lbs+


Standard Height for Desks, Dining Tables, Consoles



Heavy Duty

Heavy Duty 3-Rod

35 lbs

130 lbs

55 lbs

260 lbs

When should I get the 3-Rod?

We strongly recommend 3-Rod legs for desks and dining room tables to prevent your table from being wobbly. The extra rod of steel makes the legs stiffer, prevents them from flexing, and adds more overall stability to your finished piece.

What metal table legs do you recommend for heavier, larger or taller tables? 

Our H-Frame, U-Leg, Trapezoid legs are all suitable for these projects. Please contact us with specifics of your project and we would be happy to assist. 

Can hairpin legs be ordered at custom heights? 

Yes. Just order the next size up and write in the buyer’s note the size you need. 

Do you offer bulk pricing for large orders? 

Yes. Please contact us with the quantity and size you need and we will provide you a quote. 

Do you offer custom sizing on your other table legs? 

Yes. Please contact us with your specifications and we can provide you a quote.

Plant Stands

Can I use your plant stands outside?

Yes. Your piece has been professionally powder coated producing a strong, smooth and long-lasting finish. With that being said, any item's appearance can expect to be diminished if exposed to the elements. 

How do you water your plant? 

It's easy. We always keep our plant friends in a plastic liner (that plastic pot your plant came in when you brought it home from the shop) for a couple of reasons. First, it makes watering your plant a breeze. When it comes time to water our botanical buddies, we just need to slip their plastic liner out of its pot and head to the sink, bathtub, or outside stoop. We then can give them all good drink without worrying about overwatering and/or getting the floor/carpet/window sill all wet. The second reason for keeping the plant "potted" in its plastic sleeve, is that it will keep your "real" plant pot nice. Win-win, in our books. 

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